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Your Name is Our Specialty!

We offer dazzling first name certificates
featuring origin and meaning portrayed
in a beautifully matted frame.

Looking for that one of a kind gift?

These gorgeous
certificates are great for:

Newborn Baby
Mother's and Father's Day
or any other special occasion that requires a unique gift!


Pricing depends on shipping costs and quantity ordered. Prices of individual products are listed as follows:

Single Name Certificate Only(with free matting):
$13.00 + shipping
Double Name Certificate Only (with free matting):
$17.00 + shipping
Single Name Certificate Matted and Frame(11X14):
$20.00 + shipping - Choice of Cherry or Oak Frame
Double Name Certificate Matted and Framed (11X14):
$24.00 + shipping - Choice of Cherry or Oak Frame
One Name Certificate Matted in Double Frame(8X10):
$25.00 + shipping - Choice of Oak, Cherry, Black, Gold, or Silver Frame
Two Name Certificates Matted in Double Frame(8X10):
$29.00 + shipping- Choice of Oak, Cherry, Black, Gold, or Silver Frame

Company Information

For more information or questions about our product please email

Ordering Information

Once you have reviewed our wide selection of art backgrounds and mat colors, and you would like to place an order please call 513.227.3183, or e-mail Please be sure to specify:

1. Background
2. Mat color and size
3. Type and size of frame
4. First name(s) only and sex
5. One line of personalization (not required)

If you have questions or would like help in choosing, just email us a note and someone will respond as soon as possible.

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